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Mature Kiss is focused on finding romantic partners for all our members, but it’s also important to point out that our community is a great place to find friends, new hobbies, a dance partner or someone to go golfing with locally. Group settings like chat rooms and social events hosted by some members can be a great vehicle for meeting up with many people who are kindred spirits, even if they fall short of being soul mates. Take a breath, enjoy the journey and you might come away with more than one great date.

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Ever thought of becoming a blogger and sharing your unique point of view with the world? Mature Kiss members each have the opportunity to create a personal blog. So far more than 500,000 Mature Kiss members have responded with colorful candid accounts of their views on life, politics, society and entertainment. Reading their blogs really fleshes out who they are and gives you a more complete picture of what they are each all about. Whether you start editing your own blog or enjoy reading the writing of others, there is an endless supply of informative and interesting member articles for everyone to savor.

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Dating and personal improvement are topics often covered by authors and experts. Mature Kiss makes the most of your time online by gathering together all the best advice and a directory of the very best expert for everyone to learn from as we explore topics from: What makes a great first date, to Which ice breakers and conversation starters work every time. Take the guesswork out of dating and turn ordinary evenings into the passionate priceless moments worth cherishing forever.